Abrams: Bach To The Rescue!!!


A Junior Library Guild Selection
Midwest Booksellers Choice Award Finalist

A hilarious picture book about the unexpected origin story behind Bach’s Goldberg Variations by bestselling author Tom Angleberger

Every famous piece of art has an origin story—even Bach’s Goldberg Variations! When the richest dude in town can’t sleep, he hires a much-less-rich dude named Johann Gottlieb Goldberg to play him lullabies on the harpsichord. Goldberg does an OK job, but as the Rich Dude hollers for Goldberg each night, he wakes up the whole town in the process. As the town gets sleepier and sleepier and grumpier and grumpier, Goldberg worries he may be out of a job soon. But then, the one and only Bach enters the scene with a series of lullabies composed specifically for the Rich Dude. And, thus, the Goldberg Variations are born! This zany, nontraditional nonfiction picture book comes from the inimitable Tom Angleberger, author of the bestselling Origami Yoda series.


"Broad, simply drawn, loudly colored cartoon scenes . . . provide worthy accompaniment for the high-volume, exclamation-strewn narrative."— Kirkus Reviews"[A] playful account of how Johann Sebastian Bach may have come to compose the Goldberg Variations."— Publishers Weekly