ACD: Stack Attack Bead Stackers - Sweet Treats


BUILD YOUR OWN 3D JEWELRY - Kids stack beads layer by layer to create stunning 3D jewelry pieces, just like 3D printing!

Learn about additive manufacturing and design with clay beads, faux pearls, cute food beads and more!

SCREEN-FREE FUN FOR HOURS - Sweet Treats Bead Stackers is the perfect activity for limiting screen time. With no need for a phone, tablet or computer, this preppy bead kit provides a fun and engaging way to keep kids entertained for hours.

STEAM APPROVED - Build with Beads: Stack beads piece by piece to build 3D shapes! Practice Engineering : Children string beads to create 3D models. Learn about 3D printing: Bead Stackers helps kids learn how 3D printing works. They build a 3D shape bead by bead from the bottom up, just like a 3D printer!