Alliance Games: Left Center Right Dice Game


Where will the chips fall? In LCR Left Center Right Dice Game, you never know
who will be left standing. With insanely simple rules, it's all about holding
on to at least one chip. Think it sounds easy? Just wait until you roll the
dice. You could end up passing your chips to another player, leaving your
hands empty. The game doesn't end until only one person is left with chips.
Depending on the dice, you'll be passingchips to the left, right or keeping
them for yourself. Even after you think you're out, someone could still pass
a chip to you and bring you back. It's a fast-paced game that's perfect for
all ages. Hope Lady Luck is on your side if you want to win. NOTE: Color of
tube and chips may vary from picture Highlights: Learn to play in under a
minute! Fast and fun dice game No limit to amount of players Contents: 3 LCR
dice 24 Colored chips (chip colors may vary)