Chronicle: Who Are You?


  You are at the pub with your colleagues. You order a bottle of wine for the table but the wine tastes off. No one else says anything and half the bottle is already poured … You are at a party of 20+ people, and a guest's car is blocking the driveway. You need to make a speech in front of everyone to find out the owner of the car ... A friend asks to borrow £300 to cover rent. He promises he'll pay you back as soon as he can. He's done this three times in the past and hasn't been able to pay you back. You need to tell him you can't lend him the money this time ... What do you do ... ?  In this fun, science-based game, take turns picking cards and answering questions on different personality-based scenarios. At the end of the game add up your scores and find out your unique personality type. The corresponding booklet helps you analyze your personality and shows you how to utilize your new-found insight. Play on your own or in groups and get to know yourself better, create deeper connections with others, discover your compatibility and leverage your strengths in any situation. Devised by an expert in the psychology of personality.