Continuum: Sack of Moustaches


Sack of Moustaches

  • Hook as many moustaches as you can
  • The perfect gift for the Gentleman Gamer
  • Or the Hirsute Hipster
  • But probably not that Aunt with the stubble...

A frantic follicle free-for-all. Everyone plays together in this game of dashing dexterity and hirsute hooking. Pick up your first moustache then hook another to it, then another, then another until you have the longest hanging chain of moustaches. Do you have the skills to win all the whiskers? or will you miss your moustaches as your opponents scoop them up ahead of you? Sack of Moustaches is the 'grown-up' Barrel of Monkeys we all enjoyed as children. Comes packed an attractive hessian sack (you can see where we got the name from really can't you?)