Copernicus: Nano Sworld - Nova Red


Our scientist pointed the shrink-ray at all the novae and nebulae we could find and compressed them into a bouncy ball that fits in the palm of your hand. Peering into this sphere you can see endless reds, pinks, and silvers that progress along the rheoscopic currents. The mesmerizing effect looks like the swirls of exploding stars that stream and flow. 

Bounce and shake nanoSWORLD. It's strong and resilient, like you! Watching the interstellar ebbs and flows heightens mindfulness. Let the particles settle, take a deep breath, and then shake it up again! 

nanoSWORLDs are 6.5 cm in diameter. These come in a POS display that holds 12 units of Nova Red. Your customers will delight in the wonder of nanoSworlds! Collect all the colors!
What is rheoscopic fluid? 
Rheoscopic means "current showing". This special liquid allows you to see the dynamic currents inside of this nanoSWORLD, showing convection and laminar flow. 
Made in Taiwan