Great Pretenders: Baby Triceratops

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Here is the Baby Dinos collection by the Tikiri Sinhalese brand! A beautiful Triceratops, yellow and green, made of 100% natural rubber, derived from plants, from the Hevea tree. The Tikiri do NOT make mold as they have an internal valve which does NOT allow internal water entry.

Safe to nibble to alleviate the annoyance of the first teeth, they are perfect for inventing stories and identifying with the ferocious dinosaurs! A collection of 5 happy characters (Parasauros, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, T-Rex, Brachiosaurus), are colored with 100% natural pigments, collect them all for a magnificent prehistory!

Why we like it:

  • Tikiri is a brand born in Sri Lanka whose first interest is the well-being of children and babies. Their toys are in fact designed to satisfy and stimulate children's physical and emotional development. Their production is ethically sustainable with the use of eco-friendly and durable matarals such as natural rubber and cotton.
  • The use of natural rubber rather than the synthetic one produced by oil, acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees and reducing the use of fossil fuels. In addition, by purchasing the raw material and making the products entirely in Sri Lanka, Tikiri significantly reduces the carbon footprint.