Djeco: DIY Little Fairies Wands


Djeco's Do It Yourself activity sets comprise a wonderfully diverse range of art activities that are mess-free, super easy to do, and promises instant works of art! Each creative process is thoughtfully designed to produce lasting and functional pieces that can actually be used in your day-to-day; and is everything you need to ignite sparks of inspiration to get more DIY project ideas flowing!

This project comes packed with everything you need to put together 4 magical fairy wands; and is suitable for little creatives as young as 5. Attached with easy-to-understand pictorial instructions so that even those little fingers can figure it out on their own!

• Creativity and self-expression
• Fine motor control and manipulation
• Attention to detail
• Patience and focus
• Mindfulness-based cognitive learning
• Resourcefulness and imaginative thinking
• Confidence and self-esteem

The fun's not over when this project's done - these beautifully enchanting wands are the perfect accessory to complete your fairy costumes or hand out at fairy-themed parties - definitely all you need to make magic happen!

Includes: 4 coloured ribbons, 4 wooden sticks, 4 sheets of rub-on decals, assortment of paper parts to create 4 wands, set of instructions

Ages 5+