Douglas: Caticorn Crossbody Purse


Delightfully fluffy and fantastically fun, our Caticorn Fur Fuzzle Crossbody purse is the cat’s meow! Or would that be the unicorn’s whinny? We’re not sure! But one thing we are sure about, is how exciting this magical fantasy critter can be! Featuring white plush fur and vibrantly accented with a rainbow striped unicorn horn, our Caticorn purse is for sure a show stopper. Her pale green eyes shine out from her fluffy face and a long multi colored unicorn tail hangs behind. A silky satin lining makes this purse safe for your most precious of treasures and it clips shut with a handy snap closure. Experience the whimsy of a Douglas fashion accessory today!

Additional informationDimensions6 inAge

3 Years & Up


6-7" Wide


(15-18 cm)




Fur Fuzzles

Fashion Collection


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