Fred’s: Shark Chopsticks


Well lurky here.. These chomping chopsticks feature ferocious biting action! So open wide and take a big bite out of your lunch with Munchtime! If you're up to your gills in trying to get your little dudes to finish their meails, are are looking for some-fin, any-fin to get your kid intersted in eating their food, these will provide jaw-dropping fun that will result in a feeding frenzy!

Each two-tone shark opens and closes its mouth as you squeeze the easy-to-use hinged chopsticks. Soon, your kids will be finding a way to use these at every meal, morning, noon, and night! But as long as the finish what's on their plate, who cares how it gets there!

A fintastic out-of-the-blue gift for adults and children alike! Get a pair for your best chum!

One set (enough for one person) of child-friendly hinged chopsticks. Made of food-safe ABS. Design by Jason Pang, for Fred and Friends. Made of food-safe ABS plastic. They measure approximately 9 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches long. Our Fred and Friends Munchtime Shark Chopsticks - you gotta sea it to believe it.