Haba: Large First Ball Track

  • My first ball track is the perfect link between stacking and free-building. Toddlers can gain many positive ball track experiences and boost their motivation for more difficult building projects.
  • The instant building success encourages them to try, helps to develop their independence and trains their fine motor skills. Perfect for children aged 18 months and up.
  • It's special because it has pegs on the connecting blocks that help stabilize the tracks when building. This ensures the track stays in place even if little constructors bump against it.
  • This set is compatible with all HABA building systems including the other My First Ball Track sets and expansion sets and also the wooden marble runs for older children and building block sets.
  • Contains 4 ramps, 8 curves, 12 supports, 3 dominos, and 3 special effect balls that glitter, ring, or rattle while rolling. Heirloom quality toy, made in Germany will be a favorite for generations.