Haba: Rox


About this item

  • A wildly fun card game where players must match colored symbols among cards. For 2-4 players aged 7-99. Playing time approximately 15 minutes. Made in Germany.
  • The Druids are getting ready for the great Druidic contest. The aim of the contest is to restore order to the natural flow of elements. To be successful, Every Druid must master sleight of hand.
  • Only the quickest Druid will be able to put the symbols of the individual elements in the correct order and restore the natural flow of earth, water, fire, air and magic.
  • If you manage to order the elements quickly enough and they pass the test of the magic eye, you will win the wild Druidic contest!
  • Contents Include: 60 elements cards, 15 scoring cards, 1 magic eye (for verification) and 1 set of game instructions.