Harper Collins: Chonk and Smol


Bork Bork! The definitive gift book for pet-lovers everywhere

Chonk and Smol celebrates adorable pets in all shapes and sizes! The book is full of hilarious pictures and heckin’ cute captions for the doggo and cat lovers in your life.

CHONK: An animal that is majestically solid and magnificently chunky.

SMOL: An animal so small and adorable that you would immediately protect it with your life.

CHONK AND SMOL: A celebration of the cutest, smollest and chonkiest creatures one book has ever contained. Dive into these pages of intense floofiness to find new frens who will zoom, tippy-tap, blep and mlem their way into your heart.


Chapters include:
Mlem or Blep?: Tongues Explained
Borking: Hear Us Loud and Clear
Snugging: Micro-Naps and Super-Sleeps
Making Frens: Best Friends Furever