Master Toys: Vintage Double Jax


Talk about a throwback, these Vintage Double Jax bring back the metal jack pieces. To play, bounce the ball in the air, and pick up all the jacks before the ball hits the ground. Included on the back of the packaging are many variations and games that can be played with this set, so be sure not to throw the cardboard packaging away. Here is one of the example variations included on the back, “CRACK THE EGGS—Scatter jacks with right hand. Toss ball with right hand and while ball bounces once, pick up one jack with right hand. ‘Crack’ (tap) it on the playing surface, and catch ball in right hand which is still holding the jack. Transfer the jack to the left hand and proceed as before until all the jacks are picked up. Scatter again and proceed by two, threes, etc. through sixes.”