Kahootz: My Little Pony Colorforms


Create your own My Little Pony adventure with Colorforms pieces that stick like magic!

Your favorite Pony's are back! Create your own adventures with the heroes of My Little Pony Colorforms Classics Retro Replay Editions capture the spirit of your favorite Colorforms play sets from yesterday, updated for today. Enjoy hours of creative and re-stickable fun with this classic playset—just like you remember! Colorforms is a creative toy named for the simple shapes and forms cut from colored vinyl sheeting that cling to a smooth backing surface without adhesives. These pieces are used to create picture graphics and designs, which can then be changed countless times by repositioning the removable color forms. Sets initially featured basic geometric shapes and bright primary colors on black or white backgrounds. Eventually, however, the Colorforms line evolved to include full-color illustrated play sets, games and puzzles, interactive books and creative activity sets for children of all ages.