Klutz: Pom-Pom Kitties


Description Looking for a purr-fect pet? A follow-up to Klutz's Pom-Pom Puppies, this kit is made especially for cat lovers everywhere. Choose from 7 types of cats to make 3 of your very own feline friends. Use simple color charts to wrap yarn on our exclusive pom-pom maker to make each kitty's head and body. Then, adorn them with captivating cat eyes and custom punch-out collars and tags to complete your litter of paw-sitively awesome kitties. We promise you'll be smitten for your kittens.

4 colors of yarn
1 pom-pom maker
4 pipe cleaners
6 mini pom-poms
3 micro pom-poms
3 pom-pom noses
3 pairs of cat eyes
1 styling comb

1 page of punch-out ears, collars, and more

 Product Details

  • ISBN13:9781338106435
  • Format:Art and Craft Kit
  • Ages:8 - 12
  • Grades:3 - 7
  • Genre:Functional and How-To
  • Pages:52
  • Weight (lbs):1
  • Dimensions:9 x 8.1 x 1.8
  • Language:English