Klutz: Pom-Pom Puppies


There's nothing more lovable than a fluffy little puppy. Unless, possibly, it's a fluffy little puppy that you made your very own self. Introducing Pom-Pom Puppies, the world's only set of supplies and instructions for creating cuddly canine fuzzballs out of regular old yarn. Using our amazing custom pom-pom tool, young crafters can wrap, snap, and snip their way to perfect pom-poms every time. But that's just the beginning. Kids will then follow the step-by-step instructions to clip their pom-poms into shaggy-pup shape, glue the head and body together, and add felt ears, plastic eyes, and a foam nose. For the finishing touch, crafters use the included comb to groom the soft frizzy fur so every pom-pom puppy can win Best in Show. Detailed directions guide dog-fanciers in creating all kinds of breeds ―― from beagles to Yorkies. Beyond that, simple guidelines make it easy to create any dog you can dream up ―― even a palm-sized version of the family mutt. Cardstock punch-outs provide all the extras every well-equipped dog requires, from tags to collars to carrying cases. It's everything you need to make a new best friend.

 Product Details

  • ISBN13:9780545561648
  • Format:Art and Craft Kit
  • Ages:8 and up
  • Grades:3 - 12
  • Pages:56
  • Weight (lbs):1.01
  • Dimensions:1.494 x 8.133 x 9.197
  • Language:English