Lottie: Forest Friend


What Makes Lottie Different?A doll Inspired by Real Kids!

Kids - in all their glorious, heart-warming and life-affirming diversity - inspire us every day:

Kids who refuse to be put into boxes

Kids who aren’t going to wait until they’re grown up, to change the world

  • FOREST FUN Sweet small fairy dolls that make magical gifts for girls age 5, 6, 7 & 8 to treasure!
  • FAIRY DOLL CUTENESS Wearing fairy tale dolls’ clothes: velvet bodice, petal tutu, sparkly pumps.
  • RED HAIR, GREEN EYES Little ones will be enchanted by these beautiful, small fairy dolls. So pretty!
  • OUR 7 INCH DOLLS are a lovely range of toys for girls & boys, easy for little hands to handle.
  • ENCOURAGE YOUR KIDS to get active and play outdoors. Ballerinas to beekeepers? Lottie has them all!

Kids who’ve decided that the moment is now!

And we want to encourage all kids – regardless of gender, ability or ethnicity - to follow all their dreams.