Macmillan: Mythographic Color & Discover - Menagerie

Fabiana Attanasio's Mythographic Color and Discover: Menagerie is a coloring book of majestic creatures and mesmerizing settings.

Adventure to an animal kingdom of untold splendor

Step into a mind-bending exploration of spectacular fauna. Mythographic Color and Discover: Menagerie is an immersive coloring experience of breathtaking detail and dreamlike imagination. Uncover surreal landscapes and shape-shifting art through the eyes of nature’s most majestic creatures in spaces both real and fantastical. Deepen your creative curiosities and expand artistic possibilities with more than 40 hand-drawn illustrations to shade and illuminate. Color the unusual settings, transforming figures, and fascinating animals of Mythographic Color and Discover: Menagerie.

- A majestic zootopia awaits in more than 40 remarkable illustrations
- Flex your creativity and imagination in stunning detail
- Let amazing animals spring off the page in this impressive book of art