Magna-Tiles: Rectangles 8pc Exp Set


Not only do these lovely magnetic tiles resemble stained glass, but kids never get tired of playing with them, and there's plenty to learn from Magna-Tiles, too. Magna-Tiles connect at every angle and on every face, with no repelling points, so there's no end to abstract or specific structures your child can build. Kids use Magna-Tiles to make houses, castles, towers, vehicles, robots, and more. Use Clear Magna-Tiles on a light table for an extra wow factor!

Playing with Magna-Tiles magnetic tiles teaches shapes and colors, spatial relationships, basic math, problem-solving, and more. Since there are no small parts or tricky pieces to snap together, toddlers can use Clear Magna-Tiles just as easily as older kids, and kids of all ages will enjoy playing with them together. And... they're just really, really pretty.

Add the Magna-Tiles Rectangles 8 Piece Expansion Set to any Magna-Tiles collection! All shapes and styles are compatible.


  • 4 Rectangles
  • 4 Large Squares