Microcosm: Tiny Hats on Cats - Because Every Cat Deserves to Feel Fancy

Unwind after a tough week by perusing charming photos of felines who deign to wear fancy hats. Even better, follow step by step instructions empower you to craft dozens of creative, colorful, and absolutely teensy headgear for your cats and kittens. Make your cat a little witch's hat, a miniature fascinator, a golden crown, a leprechaun's top hat, a baseball cap, and hats suitable for any occasion, from a woodland outing to a tea party to a fancy ball to graduation from cat college. All you need are paper ribbons, maybe some stickers and collage materials... when it comes to dressing up your cat there really should be no limit. The instructions are simple, the book is sturdy, and the laughs are priceless.  (short discount)