Chronicle: Animals of The World To Go Puzzle


Children ages 3 and up are sure to enjoy the many animals featured on this 36-piece puzzle. The artwork is playful and vibrant, and the puzzle is just challenging enough to be entertaining and fun. Plus, the puzzle pieces are made of chunky, high-quality materials, so they’re perfect for little hands. If you’re looking for a toy that doesn’t run on batteries and offers quiet entertainment, this puzzle is the right choice. Puzzle-building is a delightful group activity that can build relationships, memories, and laughter. It’s also great for improving hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, especially in children. One of the best features of this puzzle is the portability. It comes in a handy, fabric, reusable drawstring bag. Pack away the puzzle pieces and store them safely, or take them with you while traveling so entertainment is never far away. The finished puzzle measures 12 x 9”, and the drawstring bag measures 6 1/2 x 7 1/2". For over 25 years, Mudpuppy has created quality non-digital puzzles, games and toys for children and families that facilitate creative play and imaginative thinking. All Mudpuppy products adhere to CPSIA, ASTM, and CE Safety Regulations.