Plan Toys: Water Blocks


PlanToys Wooden Water Block Set consists of 6 water blocks in 2 shapes. Each shape has three different colors of water housed within the center of the blocks. Children enjoy watching the water swish back and forth and the blocks are super fun to use in a creative, imaginative way. When blocks are placed in front of each other, children learn how two colors can be observed to make a third. Science knowledge starts early! based on the 35 mm. block size. At PlanToys, our mission is to provide children with sustainable, eco-friendly toys that encourage early learning, fire the imagination, and stimulate the senses. Our toy designers craft fun products which encourage all aspects of a child’s development including gross and fine motor skills, language skills, social development and interaction, and much more. All PlanToys products are made from rubber wood trees which no longer produce latex. The rubberwood used is free of chemicals and is kiln dried to assure it remains chemical free. Our toys are assembled using a certified E-Zero formaldehyde free glue. Organic pigments and water-based dyes are then used to add color. A PlanToys toy is safe for your child, and assures a sustainable environment for their future. Suitable for children 3 years and up.