Rubik's Magic Star Spinner

  • Rubik's Cube Original Magic Star Spinner is a modern and unique version of Rubik's Cube puzzle but with the same enjoyment and power while maintaining a constant challenge for the Rubik’s pros.
  • Perfect toy recommended for ages 4+ kids. Ideal for them in developing their concentration, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • More than just a spinner! It allows twisting of each row & column to interchange colors. Simple, yet fun solving element but it might take you all days to solve it! Can be addicting for kids & adults!
  • The pocket-sized toy is a perfect traveling companion for kids to enjoy & relax at airport, in bus, train, airplane, etc. Peace of mind for parents during their busy times and long traveling journey.
  • Rubik's Cube Magic Star Spinners are made of durable material. Add all the 3 different designs and colors into your collection. An ideal gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.