Toysmith: Moon Torch


There's no more waiting for the moon to be full anymore! Now you control when you see the full moon!

Just shine the Moon Torch around a darkened room and the moon will pop up on walls, ceilings, and other flat surfaces!

The Moon Torch is adjustable, too. If you want to shine it further away, just adjust the focus lens to make the moon image crisp and clear!

Have fun adding texture to the moon by shining it on different surfaces. And if you find a cheese wheel lying around, who says the moon isn't made of cheese?

It's great for imaginative play, too. Out comes the full moon, shining into the playroom, and, as the moonlight glitters, will you turn into a were-bunny? Perhaps a were-turtle? Oh, horrors, it's a were-skunk!

Now that you control the full moon, the possibilities are endless!

4M Moon Torch

  • A full moon image flashlight
  • Encourages interest in astronomy, the natural world, and imaginative play
  • The moon is yours to control!
  • Includes 1 adjustable-focus moon flashlight and 3 button cell batteries
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver required to change batteries
  • Flashlight works in a press-and-hold fashion