Union Square & Co.: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Take an unforgettable journey with Francesca Rossi's evocative, newly illustrated version of Jules Verne's timeless sci-fi novel--cleverly designed to look like a travel journal.


Since its publication in 1864, Jules Verne's classic work of speculative fiction, Journey to the Center of the Earth , has sparked the imaginations of generations of readers. Guided by a coded ancient manuscript, Professor Lidenbrock and his nephew Axel embark on a journey to the very depths of our planet, where they discover a fantastic subterranean realm. Children will encounter exciting adventures on every page, from prehistoric beasts to oversized mushrooms and exploding volcanoes. Francesca Rossi's splendid illustrations fully capture the atmosphere of this strange world, and the book is designed to look like a travel journal, with sketches and illustrations alternating with the text.