UPG: Barack Obama Little Thinker


These days, we're hearing from people who say they're nostalgic for... well, for a time not very long ago.

If you're missing 44, you can still have a heart-to-heart with our dashing, dignified Barack Obama Little Thinker doll!

Obama is dressed in his traditional Beltway-blue suit, white shirt, and red tie.

Heck, it's too late to lobby him and too soon to try to put him on money, so you might as well take advantage of this window when the man has some time on his hands. Hold little press conferences, conduct summits with other toys, or make surprise visits to disaster sites such as your messy office.

Dare we say the Obama Little Thinker is almost as cute as Obama himself?

Every 11” Little Thinker doll is distinctively dressed and wields a biographical tag with essential dates, acts, and a personal quote.

These plush companions are just as inspiring as they are cuddly because Little Thinkers are characters with character.