ACD: Hive Mind 2nd Edition


Hive Mind™ is the smash-hit party game that rewards thinking alike, and there are no wrong answers!

“What are 3 unusual pets?”  “What are 4 things that come to mind when you think of kindergarten?” “Who are the 3 strongest superheroes?”

Gather 3-12 friends and family, then choose and ask Hive Mind™ questions everyone might answer the same, because thinking differently might send you right off the board!


  • Enlightening Answers: The 1,800 included questions are based on experiences rather than knowledge, inspiring hilarious and lively conversations.
  • Fun For The Whole Group: Up to twelve players can join in a single game of Hive Mind™, making it an obvious choice for large families, parties, or gaming groups.
  • Buzzworthy Pedigree: Created by world-famous game designer Richard Garfield to be a memorable experience for any gathering!
  • Updated Presentation: The new Hive Mind™ maintains all the fun of the original version, but features new art, over 900 new questions, and streamlined gameplay.


  • 300 question cards – 1800 questions
  • Game board
  • 12 Player pawns
  • 12 Hive Mind™ pencils
  • 1 Hive Mind™ notepad
  • 1 custom die
  • Game rules