Haba: KUBU - Green Racer


Full throttle! The green racer guarantees unlimited Kullerbü driving fun. It races sleekly around every curve and speeds along any Kullerbü play track system. Get the hearts of little car fans racing! 

From the clever and to easy to use click system to the comfortable and child-friendly design, the Kullerbü world brings joy to both children and parents. This innovative play system can be expanded and changed to create endless play experiences!

Designed for the Kullerbü Play Track System, the wheels rest on top of the tracks so that the car travels along it like it is on a roller coaster. These adorable racers are just as much fun off the track and are perfect as a stand alone accessory as well.

Age: 2 - 8 Years

Material: plastic. 

Dimensions: L 3.3 x W 2.2?ô.