Hape: Critter House Shape Sorter


Welcome to our enchanting Critter House Shape Sorter, where a delightful adventure of shapes and creativity unfolds. Explore the captivating world of this shape-sorting house as you match adorable animal and character blocks to their corresponding openings. Embark on a magical journey of shapes and imagination!

  • Suitable for 2Y and above
  • Learning About Shapes: Engage children in the exciting process of identifying and differentiating various shapes, fostering early geometry skills. Discuss the unique characteristics of each shape, such as the number of sides and corners.
  • Helps Developing Brains: Stimulate cognitive growth, logical thinking, and spatial awareness through the engaging activity of shape sorting. The precise placement of shapes supports the development of hand-eye coordination, contributing to overall cognitive development.
  • 2-in-1 Play Mode: This versatile toy offers two play modes. Children can enjoy it as a shape-sorting toy, honing their matching skills, or transform it into a charming 'doll's house,' providing a whimsical home where animal characters can live and play inside the house.
  • Plenty of Pieces: Abundant pieces for extended playtime fun, including one house, four geometric blocks, and four animal-shaped blocks.