Macmillan: Mythographic Color & Discover - Paradise

Unlock the door to a spellbinding creative paradise with color

Wander through a majestic utopia of color and creativity. Fabiana Attanasio's Mythographic Color and Discover: Paradise is an incredible collection of surreal and stunning scenes of dreamlike places.

Journey through elaborately drawn illustrations of lost worlds, glorious realms, and awe-inspiring scenery brimming with detail and creativity. Color this collection of more than 40 mesmerizing, hand-drawn illustrations, and discover the hidden objects that add surprising flourishes to each one.

Color the lush gardens, mind-bending worlds, and utopian creatures of Mythographic Color and Discover: Paradise.

• Get lost in a glittering paradise of incredible illustrations
• Find the secret objects hidden within every work of art
• Color an enthralling collection of beautiful illusions and glorious details