Mukikim: Kool Kreepers - Chameleon Tracer

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  • Color Changing Chameleon: The light sensors help the inductive chameleon detect and follow the dark marker trail automatically. The color sensor detects different colors on the sheets and its body will vary with the colors and effect different sounds. There are unlimited ways of fun wait for kids to explore!
  • STEAM Educational Toy For 3 Year Old: The inductive science toy for girls & boys includes a color changing chameleon, 2 colored play sheets, a dry erase marker, and a USB cord. 20 min charging for 25 play time! Simply draw line or patterns on color sheets and the inductive magic toy will find the way out and change its body colors! Adorable gift option!
  • Imagination & Interactive Toy for Kids: Draw a dark line on the white or colored play sheet and the inductive STEM toy chameleon will follow the line you draw. It will change its body colors and triggered sounds if it recognizes the available 5 colors on the sheet. Kids can use their imagination to create some games & interact with the chameleon robot!
  • Creative LED Toy for Kids: The high-quality robot chameleon’s interactive play helps develop color recognition, logical/critical thinking and problem-solving skills! Design the pathways so the Inductive animal can correctly follow the line with specific orders, loops or patterns to show its colors and sounds, and complete the task! Challenge yourself… and your little robot pet chameleon!
  • Play to Learn, Learn to Play: Use the included colorful map or multicolored sheet and design different challenges for your chameleon. You can also find any colored items nearby you and see if the inductive robot can recognize & change its body colors!