Ooly: Razzle Dazzle D.I.Y. Mini Gem Art Kit - Bouncy Bunny

Works of art that sparkle and shine, these razzle dazzle kits create cute, glitzy, gem covered pictures. Each kit consists of a cardstock printed picture, covered in labeled circles which determine what color and size gem to use. To start, peel the plastic covering off the canvas to revel a sticky surface. Push the stylus into the included grip gel, and then use the stylus to place each gem in its specified location on the canvas. Once all gems have been placed on the canvas, use the included picture frame to display your masterpiece! Each kit includes 1 printed sticky canvas, 1 white wooden frame, 1 gem tray, 1 stylus, 1 gel square, and 22 -26 packs of colorful gems (gem count varies between styles).