Playmobil: Mermaid Children with Jellyfish

The mermaid children collect blossoms and shells while watching the jellyfish. With two decorative shells to attach to smooth surfaces (incl. suction cups).
Dive into fun adventures with the Little Mermaids with Jellyfish from PLAYMOBIL. On the ocean floor, the two mermaid children search for shells and collect them in their basket. Curiously, they watch the two large jellyfish swimming by in the distance. The Princess Magic Mermaid World by PLAYMOBIL invites children into a magical underwater realm. The lovingly crafted figures and animals inspire children aged 4 and up to embark on ever-new imaginative adventures. The play figure set includes two child figures, two jellyfish, sea flower, underwater plant, basket, and many other fantastic extras. The jellyfish can be attached to transparent rods for "swimming.