Playmobil: T-Rex Hunt

The track of a T-Rex has been discovered! On her motorbike loaded with equipment, the researcher sets off looking for traces. Next to a footprint in a mud pot, she finds remains of its prey and a particularly large leaving. Includes a dinosaur knowledge card.

Experience extra-large dino fun with the T-Rex from PLAYMOBIL. On her motorcycle with trailer, the researcher embarks on a quest to uncover traces of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. She succeeds and soon discovers bone fragments and a gigantic footprint. But when the original T-Rex suddenly appears before her, it's time to stay calm. The PLAYMOBIL Dinosaur World invites kids aged 4 and up to immerse themselves in exciting role-playing adventures and relive the fascination of these giant reptiles at home.



Cool PLAYMOBIL Dinosaur set featuring a PLAYMOBIL researcher, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a motorcycle with trailer, a puddle with a footprint, a magnifying glass, camera, map, and additional research equipment.

The T-Rex has movable arms, legs, and head, and an articulated jaw.

Includes a knowledge card with fascinating dinosaur facts.

All PLAYMOBIL Dino World sets are made of over 80% recycled and bio-based materials.