Smart Toys: Plug & Play Puzzler


Product Description:

It is more than a cube! This puzzle forms a cube, but includes eight removable colored 3-D shapes that fit into a white (base) frame. Using the booklet that comes with this puzzle, chose 48 brain-burning challenges from starter all the way up to wizard, and see if you can re-assemble the sturdy soft-plastic cube so that one side matches the drawing in your challenge and that all pieces fit into the frame to form a perfect square. Thankfully, all solutions are in the back of the challenge booklet to assist those of us who are not yet wizarding this puzzle genre. In any event, this is a fun experience, tactilely pleasing and helpful to build concentration, problem solving and spatial insight skills. In addition, this nice “fidget” toy is hard to put down!

Publisher Description:

This little cube is packed with fun. Remove the 8 colorful puzzle pieces and try to fit them back in. No setup required, just plug and play! This 3D-puzzle doubles as a fidget cube and includes 48 challenges, from easy to expert.