UG: Are you Dumber Than Box of Rocks?


Failure…self doubt…existential despair: this best sums up your feelings in the immediate aftermath of playing “Box of Rocks.” Why? Read on, professor…
You have three chances to beat the Box of Rocks at trivia. 300 multiple choice questions are peppered across 100 cards. The answer to all of the questions is either 0, 1, or 2. Also included are a wooden human pawn and three synthetic yet astoundingly astute Rocks (it’s rumored that they teach night classes at the University)…
Anyway, have someone read any one of the questions aloud to you (preferably in front of a group of friends and loved ones who relish public humiliation). Speak your answer. Now shake the Box, containing two of the numbered Rocks. Hold your breath and open the Box. Is the answer you gave correct, or have the Rocks guessed the right number? Advance either the human pawn or the third Rock one space on the score card. It’s a best of three challenge, and the chance at beating these clever little pebbles isn’t as easy as you’ve hoped. Pass the challenge to the next victim and take some time to yourself. One round of game play takes all of 3 minutes; The shame lasts decidedly longer.

Remember that friend who asked you the questions? Odds are they’re reassessing your position in the peer group. Our recommendation is to return home, hide that Box in some dark corner of your hall closet, and play Parcheesi next time. Parcheesi is fun! Parcheesi is easier on the ego. At the very least, Parcheesi pawns can’t personally defeat you. These Rocks can…very, very quickly.

Are You Smarter Than a Box of Rocks?