Zing: Klixx Insect Fidget Toy - Assorted

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Klixx Insects And Snakes 

The photos are just showing what assorted colors are possible you will only receive one variation.

variations to Collect! The Klixx Creaturez is a fun and unique twist on classic fidget toys, designed to help relieve stress and keep your mind occupied. These creepy crawly critters feature interlocking leg and body pieces that snap into place with a satisfying click sound. With the Klixx Creaturez, you can keep calm and click away anywhere, whether you're waiting in line, on a car ride, or waiting for your dinner.

Not only are these toys perfect for kids, but adults can also enjoy the calming effects of clicking and interlocking the pieces. Additionally, the Klixx Creaturez can also be used to create stop motion animations, bringing your creature to life in a whole new way.

So why settle for a boring fidget toy when you can have a Klixx Creaturez? It's a fun and engaging way to relieve stress and keep your mind occupied, no matter where you are.